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Site operating procedures/COVID-19 site safety checklists and forms

After reviewing and implementing new policies for our services, processes and training, Gemini Fundraising are relaunching face to face fundraising for employees, fundraisers and clients.

To ensure this is rolled out successfully during this pandemic, it is vital that the measures we put in place are adhered to. This will ensure that the health and safety of all those involved is held in the highest regard.

Health and Safety

Adhering to social distancing measures is an absolute priority between fundraisers and the general public.

Fundraisers are to minimise potential Covid-19 transmission through good respiratory hygiene measures, social distancing measures and following ongoing government advice.

We have outlined full guidance for both private site and door to door fundraisers in our compliance and training policy.

Social Distancing and
Covid-19 Compliance & Training PDF

All fundraisers are to complete a Covid-19 Self-Assessment form weekly and sent to Gemini Head of Operations to ensure the highest possible safety standards are met.

Risk Assessment Forms

Personal Protective Equipment

All fundraisers are to be provided with full personal protective equipment (PPE) by Gemini Fundraising which must be worn at all times by fundraisers. Our fundraisers are aware that if any measures are not adhered to this will result in disciplinary action and possible termination of contract.

Download our checklist for full guidance regarding PPE for our fundraisers for both door to door and private site.

PPE checklist for D2D and
Private Site fundraisers

Training and Compliance

All our fundraisers are to be fully retrained before going back out on the field. This will allow us to fully disclose these new procedures and guidance we have put in place for all eventualities.